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Guesthouse JJ
Jln Suryo no 18
Medan 20157

Tel: 061-4578411
+62 for Indonesia

Guesthouse  Jimmy  Janssen  Medan

This is where our guesthouse is located:
scroll down for detailed maps.

Above you see that we are south of the city centre
which can be reached by taxi or becak in about 10 minutes.

From the airport to our guesthouse by taxi costs about Rp 40.000 and takes less then 10 minutes if the driver knows the way. Tell him that our guesthouse is exactly opposite the hotel Pardede and not at the old Jln Suryo, but at the part between the Jln Ir H. Juanda and Monginsidi.

Below the lower part of the map above enlarged with the route if you prefer to walk from the airport. (can be done in about 10 minutes)

By car (taxi) it's necessary to continue on the Jalan Ir Haji Juanda till the Jalan Walikota (pass behind our guesthouse) and then left back to the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to come in front of our guesthouse. An option is to be dropped in front of the Pardede Hotel and cross the road. This because the lanes are one way and separated by high curbstones. 

I made a sketch of the situation near the guesthouse because this makes it clear that the Jln Suryo more or less part of the ongoing jln Juanda, you won't notice that because of the roundabout, neither do taxidrivers know that they are on the jln Suryo. When asking for the Jalan Suryo you'll be directed to the older part, which goes up north from the roundabout. 
There is a good pedestrian walk in front of our guesthouse.


The direction of traffic as arrows, for a taxi impossible to cross the road
thus the best way is to proceed straight on from tje Jln Ir Haji Juanda
and circumnavigate the guesthouse via the Jln Walikota behind the guesthouse.

The jln Mustang leads to the airport as I'll show on the picture below and the pedestrian provision (ie. the footpath provision) is on the right hand side of the Jalan Mustang (in the direction from the airport).
[thank you Laurence Beck - March 7 2008]

Below how it looks on a Satellite map:

The dotted line is the road to follow if you prefer to come by foot.

Atlhough our guesthouse is close to the airport you'll hardly ever hear the airplanes because the runway is far away enough and it's direction away from our place.

A detailed satellite picture of our Guesthouse and surroundings:

There is no streetsign Jalan Suryo on our part,
we are between the Jalan Ir Juanda and Jalan Mongonsidi. 

And here a map of Medan and surroundings with the two most known places to visit: The Danau Toba or LakeToba and Bohorok with Bukit Lawang, where you can see the Orang Oetans.

From Parapat you can take a ferry to Samosir.

Berastagi or Brastagi is known for its fruit market and superb climate.




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